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We have been able to exceed our patients' highest expectations in essentially every instance.


Recontouring and polishing the edges of the front teeth can sometimes dramatically improve one's smile. This procedure is fast, painless, and inexpensive. The results are immediate, dramatic, and long lasting.

Teeth Recontouring in Norwalk Teeth Recontouring Near 90650

"I still can't believe you could do so much for my smile. It was so quick and without any discomfort! Thank you."

Occasionally the symmetrical appearance of the "gums" can account for as much as 50% of the total cosmetic value of the front teeth. Recontouring the "gums" around the front teeth is an inexpensive procedure accomplished in a single visit with laser or electro-surgery techniques. The results are dramatic and last a lifetime.

Gum Recontouring in Norwalk Gum Recontouring near 90650


"Whitening" of the teeth can enhance a smile by a simple procedure utilizing a custom-fabricated bleaching tray and a safe, dentist-dispensed whitening agent.

The patient wears the bleaching tray with the whitening agent in it for six to eight hours each night for six to eight nights. Results on yellow and/or brown teeth are most dramatic!

Teeth Whitening in Norwalk Teeth Whitening Near 90650 Dental Bleaching in Norwalk

"Brightening my teeth was a small change that had a large effect on my self esteem. I just love it! Thanks!"


CHIPPED TEETH Whether as a result of decay or just bad luck, many damaged or disfigured teeth can now be restored in a single office visit. Restorative materials are adhered directly to the teeth, therefore this technique is most commonly referred to as "bonding." The materials and techniques used in the "bonding" procedure preserve the existing natural tooth structures. When properly cared for, bonding materials can last for many years.

"WHITE FILLINGS" IN FRONT TEETH The past two decades have brought tremendous improvements in "tooth-colored" restorations in front teeth. Higher quality materials, improved material adhesion, and less invasive tooth preparation techniques have all led to longer lasting and more esthetically pleasing restorations. The latest generation of these new materials are not only more cost effective, but also they can be contoured and shade-matched to defy detection.

"WHITE FILLINGS" IN BACK TEETH Until recently, "tooth-colored fillings" placed on the chewing surfaces of back teeth were doomed to failure due to the shrinkage and subsequent micro-leakage associated with these materials. Now, new materials and techniques permit dentists to place "tooth-colored" restorative materials in back teeth with reliable success. Because these new materials adhere to the teeth, contain no mercury, and essentially wear at the same rate as "silver fillings," they are now considered to be "state-of-the-art" and the "new standard of care" for dentistry.

These materials can be placed on a single visit. The resulting cosmetic value is high and the longevity of the restoration is ten years or more. These procedures may qualify for dental insurance benefits.

Dental Fillings in NorwalkNorwalk Dental Fillings Dental Fillings Near 90650 90650 Dental Fillings

"When I chipped my front teeth, I thought I would never smile again. But in a single visit you made my teeth perfect, and it didn't even hurt! I can't tell you how much it means to me. Thank you!"


PORCELAIN LAMINATE VENEERS One of the most significant breakthroughs in dentistry has been the development of new adhesion materials and techniques which permit dentists to successfully adhere dissimilar materials to one another. Porcelain can now be laminated or "veneered" to enamel and dentin with great success.

Although the porcelain laminate veneer is a comparatively new technique, the restorative results have proven successful and the cosmetic values frequently exceed the patient's own expectations.

The advantages of this technique are:

The porcelain laminate veneer is new to dentistry, and although ten years of service is common, the ultimate longevity of treatment is unknown. The present expectations of the dental profession for this procedure remain very high!

Perhaps the best analogy of the porcelain veneers technique is to compare it to laminated automotive glass. The three layers, glass/plastic/glass, are each very fragile by themselves, however, once laminated together they demonstrate incredible strength!

Dental Veneers in Norwalk Norwalk Dental Veneers 90650 Dental Veneers Dental Veneers in 90650 Cosmetic Dentistry in Norwalk Cosmetic Dentist near 90650

"Ever since I was sixteen I wished for beautiful teeth and a beautiful smile. You made that dream come true for me and I'll never forget you! Thank you again and again!"